Daro, City of the Dead

Daro is an ancient city where the Daughters of Inana keep court at their temple. The Daughters protect an ancient tree and a great library, both rumored to hold secrets old as the dawn of time.

Those native to Tanus on occasion refer to Daro as the City of the Dead. The reasons behind it are not well known, but the name is certainly full of ominous possibility.

*In the ancient Tanus city of Daro, the Daughters of Inana maintain a temple to the ancient goddess. Their names for her are many and varied, but it is the same woman. They also maintain a Great Tree, the Saosis, or Tree of Life. Each year at the Spring Equinox flocks of ibises will come mate in the branches of the tree before leaving for other areas. (Al-Old/3 or GL-Tanus/4)

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