Rivers Of The Dead

Deep in the mountains to the north, the dead no longer find peace. The plants are dying, the animals are sickening, and some claim that zombies and worse prowl the night. This has now escalated. The River King causes rivers across shadow, especially in Tanus, to begin flooding as he tries to wipe out the undead infestation. This hasn't help, however, and instead drowned men now come out of the river as undead.

More and more the people of Tanus are finding themselves besieged by the dead. Oddly, the attackers are staying away from Tanus City itself. Trade with Amber is not being interrupted. Some report that they have seen a woman in purple and gold fighting the legions, and that offerings to this strange woman are being given to the rivers.

It was through the heroics of Yami and her Golden Lotus Army, Octavius and his Soldiers of the Sun, and Gwyneth and Nisha that the undead were finally put down. A grand battle occurred at Daro, with Yami disappearing in a vortex of water and souls. Since then the dead have not plagued the ancient shadow of Tanus.

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